Department of Biological Chemistry

The Grad Students In the Department

  • Prof. Atlas, Daphne

  • Wiser, Ofer *

    Functional interactions among synaptic proteins and voltage-sensitive calcium channels expressed in xenopusoocytes

    Cohen, Roy

    Functional interactions of calcium channels with synaptotagmin

    Gelin Rita

    Involvement of syntaxin in evoked dopamine release in PC12 cells

  • Prof. Brown, Sergei

  • Assaf Levi

    Purification characterization and cloning of serine proteases from Bacillus sphaericus, a mosquitodal bacteria

  • Prof. Cabantchik, Yoav

  • Epsztejn, Silvinia*

    Functional implications of Ferritin overexpression in mammalian cells

    Kakhlon, Or*

    Changes in the iron levels of mammalian cells and their involvement in the cellular response to different stresses

    Loeb, Virginie

    Efflux of iron through DCT1 carrier after its recycling in macrophages cells


  • Dr. Engelberg David

  • Bell, Michal*

    Development and characterization of activated forms of MAPK, independent of MAPKK

    Grably, Melanie*

    Analyzing the HSF-Msn2/4 relationship in the HSP104 promoter

    Licht, Ruthi*

    Identification of proteins which function in the Ras-GCN4 signal transduction cascade


    Oppenheim, Ayelet*

    Optimizing expression of HSA in yeast, using the GCN4 based Expression System (pGES)


    Stanhill, Ariel*

    Analyzing the RAS dependent cellular stress response in yeast and mammals

  • Prof. Ginsburg, Hagai

  • Famin, Oleg

    Mode of action of antimalarial drugs

  • Prof. Hochberg, Abraham

  • Ayesh, Basim*

    The use of IGF2 promoters in the construction of patient oriented gene therapy of cancer

    Ghani, Rula Abdul*

    The use of telomerase in gene therapy of bladder cancer

    Matouk, Imad

    Characterization of p57 kip2 promoter

  • Prof. Kulka, Richard

  • Gilon, Tamar

    Identification and characterization of Ubiquitin-Proteasome degradation signals in Saccharomyces cervisiae

    Marom, Anat

    The involvement of Rad6 in the cellular response to mild heat stress in Saccharomyces cervisiae

  • Prof. Levitzki, Alexander

  • Benhar, Moran*

    Interactions between stress-activated kinases and cell death in cancer cells

    Blum, Galia*

    Development of potent inhibitors of the Insolin-like growth factor-1 receptor as anti-cancer drugs

    Freidrich, Inbar*

    Inhibition of cancer growth by tumor specific activation of PKR

    Karni, Rotem*

    The involvement of c-Src in transformation and anti-apoptic signaling and the development of c-Src kinase inhibitors as anti-cancer drugs

    Ortu, Giusi*

    Novel PET biomarkers for quantification of EGF receptors

    Reuveni, Hadas*

    The development of peptidomimetic inhibitors of Ras Farnesyl transference as potential drugs for Ras dependent cancers

    Shir, Alexei*

    Selective killing of cancer cells by tumor-specific activation of DSRNA-dependent protein kinase PKR

    Winograd-Katz, Sabina*

    Characterization of signaling pathways in which PKB is involved

    Goldszal, Noemi

    Interactions between stress-activated kinases and cell death in cancer cells

    Reiss-Sklan, Ella

    Src target genes and their involvement in malignancies

  • Dr. Linial, Michal

  • Bilu, Yonatan*

    Functional classification of the protein space

    Bledi, Yaniv*

    Role of G-proteins in control of neurotransmitter release

    Parnis, Julia

    Control of secretion and neurotransmitter release by presynaptic receptors

    Portugaly, Elon

    Automated domain-based classification of the protein space

    Segev, Elad

    Mammalian MATH isoforms


    Winer, Julia

    Differentiation of P19 neurons – a proteomics approach

  • Dr. Livneh, Oded

  • Mato-Yellin, Merav*

    CIS/JAB proteins as cytokine signaling attenuators: A structural approach

    Pazi- Benhar, Yael*

    Three dimensional structural study of cytokine hormone-receptor complexes via X-ray crystallography

    Huberman, Tamir

    Structural studies of the catalytic properties of avidin and streptavidin

  • Prof. Milner, Yoram

  • Maor, Ze’evi*

    The signaling pathways of apoptosis possibly involved following epidermal cell-cell contact disruption and aging phenomena

    Nissimov, Yossi*

    Changes in glycation, fluorescence and other properties of human hair in diabetes and their interrelationships

    Zlotkin, Marina*

    Autoimmune antibody pemphigus IgG inducing epidermal acantholysis: an apoptotic mechanism?

    Hoenel, Batya

    The proteasome in keratinocytes senescence (and in HaCaT cells)

  • Prof. Orly, Yossi

  • Ben-Zimra, Micha*

    Characterization of a transcriptional regulator in the rodent placenta

    Silverman, Eran*

    Transcriptional control of the Steroidogenic Acute Regulatory protein (StAR) in rat ovarian cells during follicular development

    Granot, Zvika

    Quality control in mitochondria: proteases and potential substrates

    Kletzhandler, Yael

    Regulation of StAR expression during follicular development in the rat ovary

    Leshem, Moriah

    Transcriptional regulation of StAR in mouse Giant Trophoblast cells

  • Prof. Selinger, Zvi

  • Kosloff, Mickey*

    Modulation on G-protein function as molecular switches

    Arbeli, Eyal

    Synthesis of chemical GAPs

    Musa, Sana

    Modulation of RAS function

    Podoli, Erez

    Modulation of RAS function

    Scaiewisz, Andrea

    Synthesis of chemical GAPs

  • Prof. Soreq, Hermona

  • Cohen, Osnat*

    Dissection of acetylcholinesterase contribution toward the cholinergic control of mammalian behavior

    Meshorer, Eran*

    Long-term consequences of mammalian stress responses

    Salmon, Asher*

    Genetic engineering approaches into cholinesterase-interactions with Xenobiotic agents

    Shapira, Michael*

    Neurogenetics approach to the transcriptional control of acetylcholinesterase production

    Sklan, Ella*

    Genetic engineering approach to acetylcholinesterase interactions with partner proteins

    AlBajari, Danijel

    Structure-function relationships between acetylcholinesterase and presenilins

    Evron, Tama

    Transgenic implications of AChE variants

    Farchi, Noa

    The roles of acetylcholinesterase splice variants in neuronal and muscle function: transgenic engineering approach

    Grant, Alastaire

    Functional polymophisms n the ACHE locus

    Korn, Akiva

    Imaging, physiological and molecular studies of stress and anticholinesterase exposures


    Mor, Inbal

    Morphogenic functions of acetylcholinesterase variants in model systems for early embryogenesis

  • Prof. Stein, Ze’ev D.

  • Kott, Miriam, V.*

    Analysis of multidrug-resistance inhibition in cancer cells


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