Welcome to the Soreq Research Team

Welcome to the website of the Soreq research team!

Humans possess a surprisingly low number of genes and intensively use pre-mRNA processing to achieve high molecular complexity. This serves needs to sustain normal cognitive and behavioral functions and facilitates responses to altered internal and environmental conditions. Our research combines state-of-the-art molecular neuroscience, behavioral and genetic engineering techniques for studying the molecular mechanisms that underlie these processes. In particular, our research addresses the molecular complexities of mammalian behavioral responses to stress and identifies novel genetic determinants of human stress responses. (more in Research Interests)Portrait of Professor Hermona Soreq

Prof. Hermona Soreq: Dean, Faculty of Science 2005-2008.

Research students and fellows: MSc (14); PhD (17); MD (15); PostDocs (18); of which 17 hold academic positions in Israel and abroad (universities of Tel-Aviv, Ben-Gurion, Haifa, Ann-Arbor, Maryland, Berkeley, Tours, and more). (more in Biography)

Books: Molecular Biology Approach to the Neurosciences (1984), Wiley (NYC); Cholinesterase genes: Multileveled regulation (1990), Karger (Basel); Human Cholinesterases and anticholinesterases (1993), Academic Press (San Diego); Transgenic Xenopus: Microinjection Methods and Developmental Neurobiology (1996), Humana (NJ); Stress Hour: Towards the Molecular Biology of Stress Responses (2004), United Kibbutz, (Jerusalem; Hebrew). (more in Publications)

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