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Prof. Hermona Soreq

Professor Hermona Soreq in her officeBiography: Ph.D. in Biochemistry (Weizmann Institute, 1976); Fogarty fellow (Rockefeller University, 1977-79); Senior Scientist and Associate Professor (Weizmann Institute, 1979-83,1983-86); Associate Professor and Professor of Molecular Biology (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1986-89 and thereafter); Dept. Head 1989-94; Life Sciences Institute Head 1995-2000; Vice-Dean for R&D, Faculty of Science, 2002-2005; Non-Resident Research Professor, The Bio-Design Institute, Arizona State University, 2005-2006; Dean, Faculty of Science 2005-2008.

Research students and fellows: MSc (14); PhD (17); MD (15); PostDocs (18); of which 17 hold academic positions in Israel and abroad (universities of Tel-Aviv, Ben-Gurion, Haifa, Ann-Arbor, Maryland, Berkeley, Tours, and more).

National and International involvement: President, the Israeli Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (2000-2001); Consultant, the Israeli Ministers of Health, Commerce and Science (2002-2005); Head, Infrastructure Committee advising the Minister of Science (2001-2002); Member, Israel’s Bioethics Committee, 2003-; Member, Israel Council for R&D, 2004-; Council member, International Societies of Neurochemistry and of Developmental Neuroscience (2002-2005); Member: EMBO; HUGO; FASEB; FENS; IBRO; FEBS.

Membership in scientific editorial boards: Journal of Molecular Neuroscience (1986-); Journal of Neurochemistry (1991-1997); Oligonucleotides (1993-); FEBS Journal (1999-); NeuroMolecular Medicine (2001-); Neurodegenerative Diseases (2003-); Galileo (2003-, Hebrew).

Industrial collaborations in the field of research: Development of an antisense drug, currently in clinical trials, for treating stress-related phenomena and muscle fatigue; transgenic systems for producing recombinant human cholinesterases in lactating mammals and in plants.

Honors and Awards
2005 Landau Prize for Biomedical Research; Lilly Award for best article in Molecular Psychiatry
2001 Honorary Professorship, The Maimonides University, Buenos Aires
2000 Research Prize by the Israeli Minister of Health
1999 Kay Prize for Innovative research, The Hebrew University
1996 Doctor of Philosophy honoris causa in Chemistry, University of Stockholm, Sweden
1995 Visiting Professor, College de France, Paris
1992 U.S. Army Science Award of excellence, Miami
1990 The Charlotte Slesinger Chair on Cancer Studies, The Hebrew University
1986- 1989 Berman Fellowship, The Hebrew University
1985 Chancellor's Distinguished Lectureship, The University of California, Berkeley
1982 Honorary Guest Lectureship, The European Society for Neurochemistry, Katania

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