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Stress Hour is a popular scientific book in hebrew co-authored by Dr. Eran Meshorer and Professor Hermona Soreq2004 Meshorer, E. and Soreq, H.
Stress Hour: Towards the Molecular Biology of Stress Responses.
The United Kibbutz Publishers, Jerusalem (Hebrew).
Silman, I. Soreq, H. Fischer, A. Anglister, L. and Michaelson, D., Eds.
Cholinergic Mechanisms.
Martin Dunitz, London

1996 Seidman S. and Soreq, H.
Transgenic Xenopus: Microinjection Methods and
Developmental Neurobiology
Humana Press, Neuromethods vol. 28. A. Boulton and G.B. Baker, Series Eds. 225p.

1993 Soreq, H. and Zakut, H.
Human Cholinesterases and anticholinesterases.
Academic Press, San Diego 300 p.

1990 Soreq, H. and Zakut, H.
Cholinesterase genes: Multileveled regulation
Monographs in Human Genetics, Vol. 13
Karger, Basel (R.S. Sparkes, ed.) 120 p.

Peer-reviewed papers (selected from 192 articles and from 102 book chapters):

  • Grisaru, D., Pick, M., Perry, C., Sklan, E.H., Almog, R., Goldberg, I., Naparstek, E., Lessing, J.B., Soreq H. and Deutsch, V. (2006). Hydrolytic and non-enzymatic functions of acetylcholinesterase co-modulate hematopoietic stress responses. J. Immunol, in press.

  • Meshorer, E., Bryk, B., Toiber, D., Cohen, J., Dori, A. and Soreq H. (2005). SC35 promotes sustainable stress-induced alternative splicing of neuronal acetylcholinesterase mRNA. Mol. Psych.,10, 985-997, Lilly Award.

  • Sklan, E.H, Lowenthal, A., Korner, M., Ritov, Y., Rankinen, T., Bouchard, C., Leon, A.S., Rao, D.C., Wilmore, J.H., Skinner, J.S. and Soreq, H. (2004). Acetylcholinesterase/paraoxonase genotype and expression predict anxiety scores in Health, Risk Factors, Exercise Training, and Genetics study. PNAS, 101, 5512-5517.

  • Meshorer, E., Erb, C. Gazit, R., Pavlovsky, L., Kaufer, D., Glick, D., Friedman, A., Ben-Arie, N. and Soreq, H. (2002). Alternative splicing and neuritic mRNA translocation under long-term neuronal hypersensitivity. Science, 295, 508-512.

  • Soreq, H. and Seidman, S. (2001). Acetylcholinesterase – new roles for an old actor. Nature Neuroscience Reviews 2, 294-302.

  • Kaufer, D., Friedman, A., Seidman, S. and Soreq, H. (1998). Acute stress facilitates long-lasting changes in cholinergic gene expression. Nature 393, 373-377. Accompanied by: News & Views: The stress of Gulf War Syndrome. Sapolsky, R.M. Nature, 393:308-309.

  • Friedman, A., Kaufer-Nachum, D., Shemer, J., Hendler, I., Soreq, H. and Tur-Kaspa, I. (1996). Pyridostigmine brain penetration under stress enhances neuronal excitability and induces early immediate transcriptional response. Nature Medicine 2:1382-1385. Accompanied by: News & Views: The Gulf War, Stress and a leaky blood-brain barrier. Israel Hanin. Nature Medicine. 2:1307-1308.

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