Innovative Structural Biology

Group Leader: Dr. Nir Kalisman
Department of Biological Chemistry
The Silberman Institute of Life Sciences
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Our lab is working to expand the scope of structural biology to macro-molecular systems that are currently inaccessible. The current focus is on cross-linking and mass-spectrometry (XL-MS), a low-resolution method that provides rich structural information on nearly any protein complex of interest, regardless of its size, flexibility, and solubility. We use XL-MS to study very large protein complexes in fields as diverse as protein-folding, transcription, and neurobiology. The lab also develops computational methods to integrate XL-MS with Electron Microscopy and Crystallographic data into three-dimensional architectures.


Positions available for PhD and Master students from Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Computer Science.

Oct. 18 Have a good semester!

Oct. 14 FindXL is presented at the Computational Modelling Tools Workshop in Tel-Aviv University.

Oct 1. Paper on the improved model for the pre-initiaion complex is accepted for PNAS.